Official Seal

Official Seal

HAND CLASPING & BUNDLE OF PALAY - symbolizes unity among the townspeople for the upliftment of agriculture and economy of the municipality.

BAMBOO BED AND WINNOWING BASKET - locally known in Tagalog dialect as “Papag” and “Bilao” respectively, were the name of municipality was derived from.

COCONUT - one of the major products of the municipality.

FISH AND SEA - symbolize fishing as one of the major sources of income of the townspeople.

3 RAYS WITH 27 STRIPES - represent the 27 Barangays comprising the municipality.

GREENFIELD - stands for the vast farmlands dedicated to agriculture.

THE SHIELD – derived from the Provincial Seal of Quezon where the town is located.

APPROVED:  March 4, 2004       

     (Sgd). AMBETH R. OCAMPO                                   (Sgd.)  WALDO Q. FLORES

President, National Historical Institute                    Sr. Deputy Executive Secretary

                                                                                           Office of the President

DILG Registration No. 040922 Dated May 24, 2004


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Municipality of Pagbilao, Quezon

Rizal Street,
Sta. Catalina,
Pagbilao, Quezon

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Phone: 731-7957/731-7950

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Mondays-Friday: 08:00am - 05:00pm
Saturday: 10:00am - 03:00pm

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